I went to Tupelo today, and I came home with this:

On a snowy March morning in the mid south, I was on a mission. To finally pull the trigger on a dual sport. Months if not a whole year of searching has yielded me this immaculate, 2006 DRZ with only 3400 miles. Give me a little time and she shall be a motard! » 3/28/15 9:31pm Saturday 9:31pm

A rare sighting...

A harley and a sportbike riding together?! What is this! Turns out a coworker has a bike! Ive never ridden with a guy who rides a harley before, but it was still fun. Albeit very noisy... I mean, i thought my bike was loud... but its a whole new level even riding behind him i cant hear myself haha. » 3/22/15 4:30pm 3/22/15 4:30pm


I dunno about you guys, but i personally would have set up a bagged car so the painted surfaces wouldnt hit the ground when you let the air out. Apart from the donk wheels and flames across the sides, the guy must has spent some good money into the paint, it was super clean. » 2/15/15 9:55pm 2/15/15 9:55pm

Month 2 of living in Memphis...

Ive quickly determined this is quite an oasis for the donk community. Along with the bro truck community coming in a close second place. The stance dudes are getting left in the dust! They are around, but not in the numbers the donks and bros. They are far fewer in numbers than what ive seen on the east coast... at… » 1/27/15 9:14pm 1/27/15 9:14pm

Prelude Pro Tip:

Yes. You can fit a mosin nagant in the trunk. I know the answer has been on your minds for quite a while now. May your mind be at ease. (Also....cosmoline! It came straight out of a surplus crate) » 1/10/15 6:08pm 1/10/15 6:08pm

Indeed, A Happy New Year

I owe a special thanks to a certain oppo-gentleman Rico, on the east coast for this fine drink. I'm a couple swigs in. It is getting much better after each new swig, especially the warmth. I feel its also appropriate to be drinking my first whisky in my new home state of Tennessee (even tho its a Kentucky… » 12/31/14 10:11pm 12/31/14 10:11pm

that feeling when

you put your fairings back on after a season of naked riding. I have forgotten how much better it looks, and i'm second guessing why i took them off in the first place.... » 11/12/14 12:52pm 11/12/14 12:52pm

It's Always Bittersweet

In less than 2 weeks, I will relinquish command of my mountains. Consider this my formal farewell north jersey/tristate. You have treated me and my machines to some of the most enjoyable stretches of asphalt one could have had the opportunity to taste. Along with meeting some of the most unique and interesting… » 11/10/14 10:29pm 11/10/14 10:29pm

Anyone else drink these?

So im not much of a 'drinking' guy. I gave an assortment of beers a try last night, but found all to be rather terrible and didnt have more than a swig of each. You guys really like that stuff? Well anyways... I find these smirnoff ice things to be rather fantastic. Anyways, have some more oldy car photos after the… » 11/09/14 9:57pm 11/09/14 9:57pm