im just glad we get more posts about bikes. Ever since ive been getting more and more into the 2 wheels thing, i always feel alien posting about them. Cars and bikes go hand in hand! As for your outro, maybe just think of a good catchphrase to end with. » 10/24/14 8:57pm Yesterday 8:57pm

Memphis International Raceway

So next month, I will be moving from NJ to the memphis area (long story short, family related move). And the good news is, i wont be over 2 hours away from a racetrack any more. MIR will be less than 30 minutes from where I will be living! Which means... TRACK DAY BRO! In all seriousness, has anyone ever run at this… » 10/24/14 12:12pm Yesterday 12:12pm

What about the option to just strike up a conversation with her before or after class? Then you might get a better idea if this girl is a girl you'd truly be interested in going on a date with. » 10/22/14 11:06pm Wednesday 11:06pm

Legality Grey Areas - License Plates... and more

My dad got pulled over in TN just recently. He has NJ plates and his car is still registered and insured in nj (we are in the process of moving). A Memphis officer pulled him over. The reason: for having no expiration sticker on the license plate. If you're in NJ, you ask yourself: what sticker? We dont have any… » 10/16/14 9:32pm 10/16/14 9:32pm

Im sure most, if not all of us drivers here on oppo have a similar, potentially car totaling story. Even if we are great drivers, some times we slip. Im just thankful that my slipups were just close calls, and in the end nothing happened. We keep driving, and that lesson is a big red flag of reminder of how to do… » 10/15/14 9:05pm 10/15/14 9:05pm