You'll regret those words if you ever lose your car to an accident one day. You WILL regret not flogging it every chance you get. I can assure you of that, because it will be gone. Gone baby, gone. » 11/09/14 9:41pm 11/09/14 9:41pm

Hmmm. This is a potential movie for my weekend. It really is worth it? I was worried because everyone on IMDB started reviewing the movie like a week before the release, and usually thats suspicious... » 11/07/14 10:00am 11/07/14 10:00am

RHD ITR. Its either a real jdm import, or the guy did a fantastic job on a complete rhd conversion, as well as a complete front clip swap (no dorky bugeyes), and the rest of the details. Gorgeous car. Sadly i bet that guy can never let that thing out of his sight in that city. Oh, and it looks like he doesnt have a… » 11/05/14 8:14pm 11/05/14 8:14pm