ahhh yes he has an SH prelude. Handling on that version is incredible. ATTS is a pretty cool feature i wish i kinda had on mine. He did pretty well for 1300 if it all runs decently. Great candidate for a Type S swap. 220hp. » 1/27/15 8:56pm 1/27/15 8:56pm

Make sure you give those training bikes a good riding. Think of it as the rental car theory.... except on a bike haha.

Youll do fine and pass the test. Just remember to look to the exit of your turn during the box part. It works like magic i tell you! Have fun though! » 1/10/15 6:49pm 1/10/15 6:49pm

Ive given up on the hope of finding a good one. I too love the coupe over the hatch, and have pretty much sold myself on the idea of taking a dorifto'd one and nursing it back to health. Or continue to dorifto it... » 1/01/15 2:31pm 1/01/15 2:31pm

Yeah just about 35 minutes outside of memphis. Who knows where ill eventually end up in this state, but for right now the memphis area is my home. Im not against doing like a meetup. Maybe in jackson? » 12/10/14 11:13pm 12/10/14 11:13pm