id say if you find some sort of removable silencer for the exhaust to make it nearly silent, they wouldnt care at all. Half the problems with these and getting complaints is usually noise. Then just take off the silencer when you want to make some real noise. » 8/31/14 9:34pm Yesterday 9:34pm

I love campus parking lots. I never actually sat in the library between classes. I found it far more interesting to sit in my car and watch all the cool cars drive around. And also to watch the comedy that is people attempting to get into spots they clearly cannot fit in. » 8/27/14 9:41pm Wednesday 9:41pm

It's Called a Torque Wrench: A Duty to Inform

I got sucked into the gawker article about kids not knowing how to change a tire (which is a legitimately good psa article) . First comment I read: "You know, One of the first things they should teach you when learning about driving is to always have a breaker bar and an appropriate sized socket on hand to change a… » 8/26/14 11:21pm Tuesday 11:21pm

Ill admit, although im pretty sure i already admitted this to you haha, that your pictured s13 coupe is the car i regret not buying instead of my prelude. Im sad to admit this, but at the time i didnt know the coupe existed.... Apart from that i have no other regrets about buying a lude. » 8/26/14 10:24pm Tuesday 10:24pm

ill be doing the same thing, except ill be taping up every possible impact surface whenever i make my trip down to memphis. 1000 mile journey at an average of 75mph can do some damage to your paint via rocks and debris. » 8/24/14 8:35pm 8/24/14 8:35pm

A similar question came up on jalopnik a number of years ago. I found it funny enough to copy and paste everyone answers into a email draft. I dont know who wrote these unfortunately but the important part is it still exists! » 8/24/14 4:28pm 8/24/14 4:28pm